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whooooopwhooooopwhooooop... red alert, cap'n... batten down the hatches, mates... SG-1 Meridian airs tonight in the US. My prediction: major frothing and flailing will probably be swamping most if not all SG-1-related mailing lists for at least the next week. Not that the frothing wasn't noticeable when it aired in the UK, you understand...

UGH. I've now gone no-mail everywhere I could.
If I'm told one more time to call MGM or to go picket the networks because I happen to live in LA, I cannot be held responsible for my reactions. Grrr.

I don't even have cable or satellite. I'm probably going to spend my evening figuring out how to connect 1 VCR, 1 multiregion DVD player, 1 region 1 DVD player and 1 television together functionally. That way I can spend my weekend either mainlining SG-1 season 1, or mainlining QaF season 1, or both. Mmmm. Probably both.

If I get involved in frothing, I'll never get all my stories written, in either SG-1 or LoTR. It seems somehow both a cop-out and completely righteous to tune out frothing fandom during this festering time in the SG-1 fandom...

Thank you, fcol. I know I'm not alone. Ugh.
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