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Jammies fic

Okay, I've been having this discussion with several people, both on AIM and through e-mail, and I've wandered around the topic in my own LJ, but I'm no closer to an answer.

Jammies fic. Why?

I mean that literally. Why do people write jammies fic? I can understand that a lot of people want warm fuzzy fic but why jammies in particular? I suspect that a lot of it is to do with who championed the jammies fic (Biblio) and the kind of adulation she gets in the fandom, but why on earth has it taken off the way it has? It's almost become fetishised. It's no longer about Jack and Daniel - it's a threesome. Jack, Daniel and Daniel's jammies, shacked up in conubial bliss.

And I'm completely thrown by it. Yeah, okay, slightly cute at first, but what on earth is the attraction is churning out fic after fic after fic, sometimes by the same author, on the same subject? I did mention to someone that I thought it had become a lazy canon shortcut for 'cute' fic, wherein the author doesn't need to actually write scenes conveying caring and cuteness, she merely has to stick Daniel into jammies and that's it. I also, in a lot (but not all of these fics I hasten to add) get that whole 'infantalising Daniel' vibe, so that might be part of it too.

But why? ::wail:: Anyone have any other theories about it? If so, share please because I'm still none the wiser.
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