Anna C. (minkboylove) wrote in fcol,
Anna C.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Okay...this rant has been a brewing for some time and spleen venting is now required.

What the fuck is up with The Boys In Pink?

You know the kind of fic. Regulations and homophobia cease to exist in the face of the sheer cuteness of Jack/Daniel, Paul/Daniel...whatever floats your boat. Yeah, okay - I did the reg dodging thing in Dr. Jackson's Diary but basically that was a really really stupid fic anyway.

What really pisses me off is the kind of fic where you have a military base, two guys and a shitload of uninhibited sex going on everywhere from the briefing room table to the locker rooms to fun with whipped cream in the commissary. And it's FINE! If another member of personnel wanders in on our frantically boffing heros they raise an eyebrow, mutter an amused; ' GUYS...' and roam off thinking how sweet it is that they're in love. Meanwhile, screwing away in the showers, Jack and Daniel are oblivious to regs because the world is their oyster and they'll make mad passionate love wherever they choose because homophobia is wrong and duty can go jump because Daniel needs to be snuggled.

It's almost a kind of Mary-Sueism. The couple in question are so gosh-darned sweet and adorable and so RIGHT that the bad nasty evil military melts in the face of their everlasting wuv and decides that not only do they want to waive the regs just for them but nobody else NOT singled out for this treatment feels resentful because they're too busy trying to become best friends with the happy couple. Nobody can resist their cuteness.

Oh, and don't forget the Pride parades in the hallways and the gay wedding ceremonies in the gateroom. Okay - I say again, WHAT THE FUCK?

Is it simply weakness on the part of the writer? I'll admit - I love the minkboys. They make me squee. They're cute, filthy, obsessed with each other and I want them to live happily ever after - of course I do. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing them shacked up in blissful sin, fighting, fucking, snuggling on the couch and squabbling over the TV remote controls, but really, how likely is that in the background setting of Cheyenne Mountain? If I ever write a straightfaced fic in which it's revealed to personnel that Dr. Jackson and Major Davis have been screwing like bonobos on benzedrine and everyone's initial reaction is 'Awww - don't they make a lovely couple? And when's the wedding?' just please tell me to call it a day.

Half the fun of the fandom IS the danger of discovery, that they can't be out. It's the biggest and best vein of angst there is. Fluffy pink cuddlefic which TOTALLY ignores that is surely missing the point? Why write in the fandom if you hate the background and setting so much that you have to paint it pink?
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