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The 'why bother slashing someone you like with someone you obviously despise?' question.

[Rant alert]

Okay - fic hit the list this morning, and I've seen it, and other fics by the same author, before. And I'm always left with the same sick feeling in my stomach on reading them. This morning, I didn't bother once I'd realised what fic it was and the memories (and nausea) resurged but it brought that old question up in my head.

Why bother writing a slash fic with Jack and Daniel, when you obviously hate Daniel? I mean, I've seen stories where Daniel isn't Daniel at all - he's this cold, calculating individual who cheats on Jack with impunity, sometimes even to the extent of beating up Jack (hello?) and becoming nothing more than a monster. With no reason for it. No sarcophagus addiction to explain this sudden change in behaviour. No drugs, no Goa'uld, nothing. So, basically, Daniel - the same Daniel who was able to find it within himself to be compassionate to the host of the Goa'uld who raped his wife even though his face, that face that taunted him more than once, is the same - is unable to find any such compassion or respect for his lover. And Jack, strong, capable, sarcastic Jack, puts up with it! Why, fer crying out loud? Just gives up and... dies? So that Daniel can feel guilt and spend the rest of his life suffering for being a meanie?

It's not confined to Stargate slash either - I've seen it in other fandoms. There's one author in New Pros slash where I'm convinced she hates Sam given the way that she portrays him. Same symptoms - acting like a cold hearted bastard who treats his lover like shit, only to feel remorse when he almost loses the man he loves then spends the rest of the fic grovelling to make up for it.

For the love of God, why? ::pained wailing::

The only reason I can come up with is that either the writer has some huge issues in her personal life with being treated like shit, or really despises the other character but can't think of anyone else to slash their favourite character with. Or they're stuck with writing OTP if they want to have an audience. So the hated character has to suffer - they don't deserve their object of affection and, damn it, they're going to have to realise just how unworthy they are. Preferably while on their knees begging for another chance.

And the thing that gets me, really gets me about this is that they have no respect for their 'favourite character' either. How can they? They make the hated character act like a complete bastard and their 'favourite character' is reduced to this weak, ineffectual, sainted travesty from the strong minded, complex and intriguing character to compensate. As much of a bastardisation of their characteristics as the perversion that passes for their partner.

Why the hell would anyone want to do that?

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